A Star called Sarah

A Star called Sarah, wearing a handmade bespoke wedding dress. By Lucy Bennett

By January, we have all very much moved on from the fallout of Christmas. The tree and decorations are down, we’re setting unachievable goals and crying into our coffee cup as we return to work! However, for some of us, we’re holding on to 2017 and we are not going to let go! We had a grand, super, please don’t let it stop 2017 and for us, it is definitely worth looking back and starting 2018 with our accomplishments fresh in our minds. For me this was the design and creation of a handmade bespoke wedding dress.

By April 2017, I was so ready for a new challenge to peak my interest as designer creator, and having spent some time making preparations to work on a Bridal collection, I took the plunge and began tip toeing into the bridal world by working with several phenomenal brides, which was exactly how I wanted to begin my journey into Bridal wear.

I met Sarah in May. She was laid back with an effortless style and she knew exactly what she wanted her dress to be. I was thrilled when she mentioned that the dress was to feature an amazing starry jewellery piece by dreamy designer Tilly Thomas lux whose work I had already tried and loved at Most Curious Wedding Fair earlier in March.

Handmade bespoke wedding dress

Sarah and Oliver’s Wedding day at Palm House in Liverpool.

From May to the pick up point, Sarah and I gradually worked on the dress. We had around six fittings, and tweaked and refined the dress until the fit was perfect and all the finishing touches had been added. This included a star studded train and a lovely gold chain to the front of the dress that sat on the waistline. The back looked almost Grecian, encompassing one of my long standing trademark details, the cowl back, that can be seen in the pieces for my fashion label Roc and Doll. The shot featured here by the bride’s photographer Meagan Sarah for me truly captures the essence of what this dress was all about. I love the simplicity and drapiness of the soft georgette fabric, and the light passing through the gaps as the image is taken.


A Bespoke wedding Dress

What Sarah said about Lucy:

‘I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect wedding dress in the lead up to the wedding. With 8 months to go I knew after trawling the bridal shops I needed something custom made to match my style.
I had an idea of shape and fit that suited my body and this idea of a Grecian style cape that would start up near the shoulders, but I wasn’t too sure how I could get this to work. A mutual friend recommended Lucy, and after our first meeting I knew she’d be the one to create my dress!! She suggested some fabrics that would work for the silhouette and was really excited about creating the cape for the statement back.
A few fittings later, my dream dress was almost complete. Lucy had found some beautiful star trims that matched the jewellery on the back of the dress, and suggested sewing these on to the already stunning train. It was perfect!
It was really important to me to feel comfortable in my dress on the big day, something I could feel like bride in but also feel like myself and have a good dance in! Lucy listened to me every step of the way and really understood what I was after. I couldn’t have imagined a nicer dress and it was a privilege to have Lucy design it for me!’
And just to really appreciate this dress in motion, it gives me great pleasure to show you a short video of Sarah’s day filmed by the ever so talented Will at Ciné Reportage, please press play and enjoy this taste of vintage video.
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