Sample Sale

Sample sale, it’s happening. This week! As we are all aware I am sure,  just check your inbox if you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, but basically this week is I believe internationally, cyber week. So, I thought it would be perfect timing for me to join in the fun and use this as an opportunity to go through the archives and sell all the one offs, the samples models have worn and the pieces that didn’t quite make the production stages! Some of you may have been to a sample sale before, for those who haven’t it’s normally a first come, first served basis. Which is pretty much how ours will work. However in this year of 2019 we will be conducting this one streaming live on Facebook. really hope that some of our nearest and dearest and devote customers can take a peek over the weekend which is when we will host! I’m hosting the event on our Facebook group, should you wish to be invited… Please holler! Here is the link for those who need the invite

The event will play out from 11AM on Saturday 30th November until late on Sunday 1st December 11PM.

Roc and Doll Sample Sale

Roc and Doll Sample Sale


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